The Tao of a Woman (2009)

After a therapy session, I hand my
client a post-it note that highlights
what we have accomplished. These
mysterious hypnotic mantras find their
way to a wallet, a palm pilot, or a fridge
door. They help the person reenter a
replenishing meditation or mini-trance
and sometimes they become part of the
premises for the client to flourish.




Woman's Wisdom (2007)

This little book contains ten sections, each of which contains ten memorable hypnotic, twists and spins of mind-awakening verses. Something you'll want to carry with you for moments of transition, pain or indecision.

"Dr. Ritterman has given us a generous gift of spirit in this heart-opening, inspirational book. The elegant simplicity of these wisdom teachings are a powerful RX for the soul for people of all ages!"

-Estelle Frankel, author of Sacred Therapy


Using Hypnosis in Family Therapy (2005)

"A classic book filled with seminal ideas that continue to blossom in this always-fertile field." -Camilo Loriedo

"This is the most useful integration of ideas in hypnosis with family therapy; an enduring resource." -Braulio Montalvo


Hope Under Siege: Terror and Family Support in Chile (1991)

"Michele Ritterman has immersed herself in a complex and frightening reality, to discover its secrets and capture its deepest essence. Through the families of political prisoners, she tells us of an abused continent, of a time of horror, and of the incredible extent of human evil. But this book is not a retelling of death and pain. It is above all a testimony of hope. In this book, Michele Ritterman gives us a formidable lesson in life."
-Isabel Allende (from the foreward)

"Michele Ritterman transcended the boundaries of family therapy when she went to Chile. Meeting tortured political prisoners and their families, she began to react as a human being passionately committed to social justice. Her experience as a family therapist informed her tracking of the families of the prisoners, using their life tragedy as a universal mirror of political terror, but the book speaks with the voice aof a witness compelled to tell the stories she has seen. It must be read."
-Salvador Minuchin, M.D. the father of Structural Family Therapy.



The Cow With the Ponytail (2016)

Michele Klevens Ritterman, psychologist, author and lecturer: and Gale Epstein, co-founder, president, and creative director of Hanky Panky, wrote this book together when they were ten-year old girls living in Missouri.

They published this 60 years later because they want young people, especially girls, to know how much talent you have! And they want young people to stand up to bullies.

Don't let anyone "cow" you from being who you really are, even if you are a cow with a ponytail!


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