Maximizing the Healing Power of Human Connectionon

a Workshop by Michele Ritterman, Ph.D.

In this workshop, therapists, educators, body workers and other mental health professionals will learn how to track the subtle, naturally occurring sequences of conscious and unconscious behaviors in client interactions, both with the therapist and with each other, in couples or families. They will learn how to help clients awaken their own alternative dormant patterns of relating and how to guide clients toward spontaneous healing states.
Michele’s premise is that therapy can help a client shift from a symptomatic mental set to a creative meditation. She will demonstrate that there is a stream of life that runs through even the worst human dilemmas. If therapists enter into that flow, like Goldsworthy does with art, or like a chi master does with the body, they may help individuals, couples and families to re-balance their behaviors and feelings,
Workshop attendees will learn that truly every human challenge is unique, and that it is in the details of this uniqueness that they will discover what Borges called the astonishment and the wonder needed for their clients (and themselves!) to produce transformation and healing.
Many hard problems can be resolved, while clients feel comfortable, laughing and chatting. This workshop will consist of lecture, the experiential and role-playing and will describe three basic steps all healers need to do with clients. No knowledge of hypnosis is necessary to attend this training. All levels accepted.

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